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"Overcoming Disappointments"
by Pastor Val Egbudiwe Sep 14, 2008 3:11pm 2 Comments |

Sunday 07/08/07

1 Samuel 16:1
And the LORD said unto Samuel, How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.

Samuel is a prophet of God who suffered a horrible disappointment in his relationship with Saul the king of Israel. Samuel picked Saul out of the crowd by God’s instruction, anointed him and declared him king of Israel (1 Samuel 10:1). Samuel did his best to keep Saul as king. He must have invested his spiritual prowess, time and energy to see that Saul remained a king. Then Saul disobeyed God and God rejected him as king. Samuel was disappointed. He began to mourn for Saul. He was in mourning until God rebuked him.
God was preparing to bring a new blessing to the people of Israel but the disappointment and reaction of Samuel would have stopped God’s plan. When we focus on our disappointments we stop God from bringing fresh and new blessings into our lives.

Beloved! One of the great and important keys to living a fulfilling life and moving forward in life is being able to overcome disappointments in life. Disappointments can be a strong obstacle to letting go of the past and until you let go of the past, you cannot appreciate the present and get ready for the future. With feeling of disappointment hanging around you, you cannot take the appropriate step to move to the next level in life.

Every one of us faces one form of disappointment or another. No matter how much faith you have some time or the other, something shakes your faith and you feel grossly disappointed. It may be something simple, such as not securing a bank loan that you applied for. It may also be something serious like a marriage break up, death of a loved one or a terminal and chronic disease. Whatever it is, disappointment has the potential to derail you, set you out of track and create havoc in your general life.

Many people are still where they are, missing out on the new beginnings God wants to give them because they keep re-opening old wounds. Beloved, no matter what you have gone through. No matter how disappointed you have been, you must release it and let it go.
Disappointments always go with setbacks. You have to let go of that disappointment and go on with life. You are not the only one who has experienced disappointment. Disappointment is like temptation.

1 Corinthians 10:13 says,
“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man…”

Friends! Don’t let that disappointment keep you down. God always have a plan B. Nothing takes God by surprise. As you are going through that disappointment, God is putting together a come back plan. Don’t get trapped in the past.
God is merciful and He will have mercy on you. Don’t allow the past disappointment to be a hang-up on your advancement. You can overcome disappointments. God says in Isaiah 43:18 – 19 “Remember ye not the former things … I will do a new thing…” God is in the business of doing new things in our lives
I know that it may be due to wrong choices, disobedience or sin that people miss God’s plan A. Are you in that category? Don’t worry. Go to your Father in repentance. He will show you His back up plan. God always have a back up plan in order to get you to the final destination of His plan for your life. Sometimes we may miss God’s plan ‘A’ due to the fault of other people. We at times get into serious disappointments due to the errors of other people. But hear me today; God is not unmindful of that situation. He will take you to the next level using a plan ‘B’.

In 2 Samuel 4:4, Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan became lame due to the fault of his nurse. He ended up in Lodebar - a place of dryness. God had a plan for him and at the right time, he stirred the heart of David (2 Samuel 9:1, 7) and Mephibosheth experienced a restoration. Beloved! God will remember you.
Saul was God’s first choice as king but when he disobeyed God, God unfolded his plan B.
If you will quit feeling sorry for yourself, felling dejected and disappointed and instead do what the Bible says, your future can be brighter than ever.

Notice God’s command to Samuel:

“… Fill thine horn with oil…” (1 Samuel 16:1)
- Have a fresh attitude
- Put on a smiling face
- Get back to your feet and be on your way.
Samuel could have started complaining to God how disappointed he has been. He would have been sulking and telling God how heartbroken he has been. But he trusted God for God’s plan ‘B’. If Samuel had continued to dwell on his disappointment with Saul, he would have missed King David one of the greatest kings in the Bible.

Beloved, if you continue to wallow in disappointments, you risk missing out on the new things God wants to do in your life.
It’s time to arise and get going. God has another plan for you and it is better than you can imagine! Get over those disappointments! You can overcome!!!. Forget the past and move forward. Phil. 3:13-14.

Refuse to dwell on yesterday’s disappointments. Get up each morning knowing that God is a loving and forgiving God who has great things in store for you.

Oct 8, 2009 1:02pm
Thank you to the Lord for the HOly Spirits joy and power and many miracles with him ,for Jesus blood and cross again today,be used of him and joy for he is good and very well Almighty creatorer and God and salvation to us in Christ,thanks and bless and pray for gospel and for me,keijo sweden

Oct 13, 2008 7:53am
You did not include your closing prayers. Is it b/c of space?. Send me the closing prayer on this very sermon.

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